You are cordially invited to the Twin Launch of My brother's Journey from Genius to Simpleton and the Gbm-em centre for epilepsy and mental well-being in Cameroon.

The event will take place on the International Day of people with Disability. We often consider only those with a physical impediment as beingdisabled. It is high time mental illness got the equal attention as physical illness. Both are challenging and disabling.

Even venue: City Hall Buea South West Region

Time: 1 pm

RSVP: His Excellency the Governor of the South West Region

VOVAwardFTMHIn August 2014, when I was back home to burry my brother, two significant events took place. Primo, I was a guest, one of the first of its kind, to be invited to the famous national radio show FrankTalk, to speak on Mental Health in general. I ofcourse drew from my late brother's journey and mine as well.


 On  the ocassion of the launch of my second memoir: My Brother's Journey from Genius to Simpleton, there will be free kindle downloads of my two books. I hope they make a goodread.