VOVAwardFTMHIn August 2014, when I was back home to burry my brother, two significant events took place. Primo, I was a guest, one of the first of its kind, to be invited to the famous national radio show FrankTalk, to speak on Mental Health in general. I ofcourse drew from my late brother's journey and mine as well.

This marked the launching my personal campaign against the stigma surrounding mental health and my advocacy of a much more hollistic approach to mental well-being and treatment of mental illness. In this regard, I was very honoured to receive an award on that same day by the one I call my Cameroonian Oprah and Heroine






Amy Banda is a young and very dynamic prominent journalist with the renowned STV Television Broadcasting Company in Cameroon. She created the sensational and phenomenal show 'VoV' in abbreviation, and she has as guests people who are prepared to discuss on the hitherto 'Taboo' subjects in society. Some draw from facts and statistics, others share from their personal experiences. I had been her guest on the show to discuss the education of the African Child - drawing from my own education, and where I strived to make the point that education is a very hollistic term and it begins from home. It is not only formal and sometimes the patriachal 'norms' of society 'restrain' more parents from understanding or getting involved in their child's education. I equally seized the opportunity to promote my book and it was the later that earned me the prestigious and very much coveted VoV award. VOVAward.