What is the Worst Case Scenario?

Fighting the FEAR Within Mindful of My Mental Challenges

by Marie A. Abanga


What is the Worst Case Scenario?

Marie Abanga is a personal and mental wellbeing coach of substance because she has had first hand experience of what she talks about with her clients. Marie has not refrained from sharing her own mental challenges and her fourth memoir which ponders on the Worst Case Scenario in a life marred with mental challenges does just that. The other epic  memoir of Marie's is found in kindle and paperback versions on the Amazon.

I was in panic mode; I was very restless; sleep was eluding me and that coupled with other issues I had been having, meant nothing short of danger. Danger especially for my fragile mental and emotional well-being; a well-being already made very fragile by the sudden and very painful demise of my fondest and dearest sibling brother after 18 grueling years with epilepsy and mental disorders. I constantly reached out to mum and it was then that she asked me the question which sparked this other memoir of mine. What is the worst case scenario she asked? After several exchanges with her and with my shrink and another close friend, I began to layout what makes up the content of this memoir. It is my journey of fighting the FEAR within. I came to learn of two different definitions of FEAR; Fold Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. I recently came across another one; False Emotions Appearing Real. Yes, I largely have fought FEAR pretty much all my life and, in most of its dimensions. I think and know we each have too. Yet, I believe and hope that sharing my journey in my usual candour, and yes without fear or favour, shame or stigma, may help someone else to realize they are not alone in their own “inner fights”. I hope many come to realize that the 'worst case scenario' often gets that worse first in the mind, but that with help and positive thinking, we can win such 'fights'. 

The above is the description of this captivating Memoir by Marie Abanga, which in addition to the memoir about her Brother's Journey from Genius to Simpleton: Battling with his Mental Illness and Coping with his loss; all contribute to making Marie an expert mental health advocate and passionate mental wellbeing coach of substance.