KGCCLast year in September to be precise, I came across the advertisement by the recently launched UN Women Knowledge Gateway for Women's Economic Empowerement. They were looking for applicants from whom global community champions would be selected. I had never been a global community champion but I knew that it wasn not an opportunity to let slip by. I quickly applied to be a champion and it was then that I learnt that we all had to do a one month rally before any final selections.

My blog post announcing my selection as one of the pioneer community champions (CC) of the Gateway, was introduced as follows:I undertook a new journey in my life when I applied to be selected as a Community Champion for the Knowledge Gateway, little did I know or could I foresee where this would lead me to. We first had to run a rally and I did and kept a journal which I posted on this very blog."

And so it came to be, that after an intensive rally month, I was selected alongside some dozen others, to rally the online community to this very important platform.

On the 16th of July 2014, I was featured in the Gateway's Newsletter. In that article, I succintly answered the five questions asked to a leader as part of their campaign to feature up coming and inspirational leaders. I am so proud for this other milestone in my life and I continually as much as possible, participate on the platform.