mhwgmember2014 Marie's parcours as a personal and mental wellbeing coach can actually be traced to her mental health advocacy when she started researching into my late brother's mental illness - on his demise she published a memoir entitled My Brother's Journey from Genius to Simpleton: Battling with his Mental Illness and Coping with his Loss which can be found on the amazon in both kindle and paerback versions. Marie decided to step up mental health advocacy because of all she discovered during her brother's journey as well as her mental challenges. She says she never knew how much of a difficulty other families like hers were facing in trying to battle with their loved one's mental illness or mental challenges vis à vis a more than not 'difficult or even unsympathetic' "medical system". It was the experience with her brother's mental illness which led her to eventually started questioning her own challenges in life especially in her 'personal life'. Her first memoir traces and narrates all that as bluntly as she lived and reviewed it then and her mental health advocacy has now become inetrincably linked to her career as a personal and mental wellbeing coach of substance.

Marie has since then come accross several other mentally challenged, suffering from different disorders, coping and battling which ever way they can. She has equally come to meet and talk to and with parents of loved ones, some lost to their mental illnesses either by a senseless death or a terrible existence. For all these reasons and experiences, Marie decided to see a psychoterapist and to work on getting and staying better so she could be a fierce mental health and mental wellbeing advocate for all those suffering so badly from this unseen sore. Indeed, the statistics are alarming and the WHO and other related organizations and institutions are beginning to take mental health seriously. There is need for a much more holistic approach to mental well-being and treatment. To this extent, Marie seeks to higlight two people I have come across, who survived their diagnoses and are actively advocating for mental Health. Gayathri Ramprasad's story and work is on her site, and Dyane Leshin-Harwood's journey is equally captivating.  Marie describes herself as a proud to join the ranks of Mental Health Advocates, and to this extent doesn't want to think her brother lived and died in vain. Marie also formally carries on her mental health advocacy throught the Gbm Foundation for epilepsy and mental wellbeing created on the demise of her brother. She is currently the country director of the Foundation, and spares no efforts in her mental advocacy.