Marie in addition to being a personal and mental wellbeing coach of substance, is  a sought after motivational speaker given her indepth knowledge, candour and cheer. She relies on her greatest strengths which come above all from her past experiences. Today, this past gives her credibility in as much as she can stand out to be a substantive motivation to others. She has a personal and powerful message for people, and yes it is possible to overcome even mental challenges and adversity if only they don’t give up on their Faith and Hope. She equally tell care givers and guardians of those going through mental challenges that it can get better if only they don’t give up on their loved ones thanks to their unshakable Faith and Love. 

Marie's messages are simple, it much more often lies within each and everyone to chart their paths while counting on and giving support to loved ones. In her parcours as a motivational speaker, she has been invited both on national radio and TV in different countries such as the US, Germany, Belgium and Cameroon,  to motivate and inspire the listeners and viewers.

In Marie's own words: "I draw from my personal journey and all the lessons and teachings learnt from great ones gone ahead like Dr. Vincent Norman Pearle. My inspirations are in the likes of Les Brown and Lisa Nichols".

Some of her guest appearances have equally been recorded and uploaded on her Youtube Channel and a couple of her blog articles are equally resumes of those sessions.