i-thriveMarie Abanga is a personal and mental wellbeing coach of substance, moved by empathy and passion to help people soar above their personal and mental challenges and transform their lives from hopeless to hopefull

" Life gives tough lessons for sure but I refuse to sit down and take notes. No I will learn walking and I will keep walking." This is Marie's philosophy and she thinks until we breathe our last, we can’t stop living. Yes, we may take a pause or two, go on a vacation, a retreat or the other, but we must always believe in the adage that there is strength in what remains. It is thus a passion of hers to help her clients discover that inner strength of theirs which will enable them move on after each personal or mental challenge in life, sparked by any emotion, action or reaction.

Here below are Marie's goals and objectives:


  • To be a personal and mental wellbeing coach with a difference; 
  • To be a reference for women and men, in helping them get unstuck emotionally – hence attain optimal personal and mental wellbeing;
  • To emphasize the intrinsic link between our emotions, our productivity and our relationships;
  • To help parents breakthrough their Children by understanding their emotions, actions and reactions and hence relate to them differently.


  • Get a survey for customer satisfaction and or feedback at the end of each coaching or training session;
  • Get clients to do at least three exercises at the end of each session;
  • Build a team of trustworthy mates, proportionate to business growth;
  • Constantly work on my personal development and network.
  • Insure that all potential one on one subscription is preceded by a free 30 minutes session.

Being a personal and mental Wellbeing Coach therefore, Marie would rely on her greatest strengths which come from her past experiences. Today, this past gives her credibility in as much as she can stand out to be that personal and mental wellbeing coach who knows what she’s coaching about. She has been there, lived there, done that, and moved on. That is her core competency. Others include her ability to listen to the other for as long as necessary, to empathize and not scrutinize nor ‘judge’. She was married for six years and went through a very challenging marriage, bitter divorce, and lived apart from her kids for four years. She knows the pain of losing something as precious as a child, a sibling from a mental illness, a marriage and even your sanity. She have worked with the down trodden in society, the marginalized which include street kids, prostitutes and prisoners.

A personal and mental wellbeing coach is a  "resource multiplier." They nurture your ability to multiply the options and resources already at your disposal. In addition, they provide resourceful insights from their own vast experience. This is what I want to become and do as my legacy. 

As a personal and mental wellbeing coach, Marie wants to help her client "rise to the occasion," whether it's to pursue a cherished dream, to overcome a frustrating personal or mental challenge, or to realign their life with their deepest values and passions. She looks forward to double as confidant, mentor, and sounding board. In addition to the above, Marie also want to prod her clients, stretch them, and "hold their feet to the fire if they let her." She want to take their aspirations as seriously as they do and inspire them to take positive actions in their lives now. Contact Marie and you wouldn't be disappointed.